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  Custom Stretched Exchange Tanks
Paul has created what we feel is the finest stretched tank design available! Flowing and elegant lines that perfectly compliment the stance of your Bagger. The tank is so cool that we’ve decided to implement a “Tank Exchange program” so you can put one of these beauties on your ride. It’s simple! Just send us your tank and we’ll send you a stretched one! Each tank is hand stretched, chemically stripped and sealed with nickel plating, sand blasted and final shaped and primered. Then we’ll fit it with one of our totally cool new low profile dashes and super trick little pop-up caps and ship it to ready for paint! What could be easier!!! We try to keep exchange tanks in stock to keep your wait to a minimum however, Even if we stretch your tank the whole deal only takes three to four weeks. You’ll be amazed at the quality that 20 years in the business brings you. All of our work is guaranteed and you’ll love the way your bike looks when it’s done!

Prices start at $899 for a basic stretch only... and the full monty on a
2009 6 gallon model retails for $2010.  Call us or download our order form.  (602) 840-4205


Custom Shaped Seats
Option 1:

The first would be Paul’s favorite seat “The Sidekick”. This low slung & swoopy leather saddle perfectly compliments the new fluid lines that your PYO sheet metal has given your bike. We offer the sidekick in a stock version (fits your stock bagger) or a custom version that fits our
stretched tank & dash like a glove. *The sidekick will lower your ass approximately 3” and allow you to sit back an additional 2”.

Harley Sidekick Seat - $369.95 (fits your stock bagger)
09 & Earlier Models

Harley Badlander Seat - $199.95 (fits your stock bagger)
09 & Earlier Models

Modify Harley Seat to fit PYO custom stretched tank - $175.00
09 & Earlier Models

Option 2:
You can send us your stock seat or whatever favorite seat you’re running & we will trim it to match your new stretched tank perfectly.

Custom Shaped HD Sidekick Seat (Customer Provided) - $175.00
09 & Earlier Models

**Custom Shaped Aftermarket Seat (Customer Provided) - $475.00
All Models

**Corbin / D Gray seats require extra work therefore they cost more
*Seat upholstery available at additional cost

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