Baggers are a unique breed.  The popularity for this part of the H-D family likely started when a few bike builders realized riding that a custom chopper and getting older doesn’t mix well.  Sometimes a beautiful chopper can be brutal to ride long distance.  Paul thought, “Why not just put some chopper attitude on a Bagger then we can ride the S#!T out of it!”

No one thought it would work… But it did, and the “Bagger Craze” was born.

With a Bagger you have the better ride, but you also get a ton of real estate for custom paint!  Two fenders and a tank on a chopper turned into two bigger fenders, a stretched tank, bags, side panels, a fairing, and sometimes a tour pak.  Talk about Rolling Art.

You also have stereo systems, 2, 4, 6, and 8 plus speaker systems with subwoofers and multiple amps.  If you were not pissing off your neighbors with your loud chopper exhaust, you are defiantly going to drive them insane with your stereo and exhaust!

There are so many ways to customize a bagger, which makes it appealing to a larger group of riders… However, what goes into making the Baddest Baggers®?  Being the best of the best, or in this case… Baddest of the Baddest is paying attention to all the little details.  That is what makes it that next-level kind of build.  What makes a build like this challenging is every aspect of the bike should be planned out, gone over, torn down, modified, painstakingly painted, then put back together.  Look at each part as if it is going to be judged… It could be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose a bike show.  Bagger Nation Bikes like the Celtic King, the SRT Muscle Bagger , or even the bike we built for Easeriders Magazine to give away, the Easyriders Road King are at that level however, these days that bar is set even higher!  That said here we talk about what’s hot and what is not in this crazy world.  Parts like our Razorback Tank can really help your build as well as advice from our Instructions page can help you make better building decisions for your own bagger.