FIXSTAND (M8 Softail Kickstand Correction)


Paul Yaffe Originals New “FIX-Stand™” provides an instant “FIX” for all 2018 and later M8 Softail kickstands!



FIX-Stand Angle Block for 2018-later M8 Kickstands.


M8 Softail Kickstand Function Correction

Fit’s all Harley Davidson M8 Softail Models 2018 to Present



This simple five-minute install device brilliantly alters the install position of your stock kickstand, allowing it to smoothly glide into its secure locked position.  If you’ve experienced the “digging into the asphalt” problem the stock stand suffers from then, you’ll appreciate the smooth glide our ” FIX-Stand™” provides!  We’ve witnessed so many M8 Softails literally falling over from improper kickstand function.  The Patent Pending FIX-Stand™ solves not only the digging/non-locking issue but also provides additional lean angle to ensure your Softail stays put once it’s parked.  Lastly, we designed a spring protector right into the ” FIX-Stand™” so there is no way your spring gets damaged by speed bumps or curb angles which is an issue that has plagued Harleys over the years.  All in all the ” FIX-Stand™” will change the way you feel about parking your M8 Softail.  Go from insecure to secure with a five-minute simple install.  The Fix-Stand is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and then beautifully gloss black powder-coated.  All needed hardware and simple instructions are included.



  • Instant “FIX” for all 2018 and later M8 Softail kickstands. Not applicable on 2022 Low Rider S or ST.
  • Five-minute simple install/hardware + instructions included
  • Instantly fixes the kickstand digging/non-locking issues
  • Increases lean angle for more secure parking
  • Protects spring from drag/curb angle damage
  • 6061-T6 billet aluminum/Gloss black powder coat
  • Protects spring from drag/curb angle damage
  • Made in the USA

Watch Paul brake down the FIXStand install (click the VIDEO tab above)

NOTE: We recommend RED LOCTITE® When installing your FIX-Stand.
NOTE: Not applicable on 2022 Low Rider S or ST due to the taller suspension.
Patent Pending


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 7 in

COLOR: Black
FINISH: Power-Coat
STYLE: M8 Kickstand correction block
UNITS: Block only

Installation Instructions