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Steam Roller Touring

Choose Your Style

  • High 5 High 5

  • High Roller High Roller

  • Hoopla Hoopla

  • I-Beam I-Beam

  • Bandit Bandit

  • Shredder Shredder

  • High 5

    The High Five Wheel gets its inspiration from the classic hot rod styles of years past. The classic five-spoke styling is as timeless as a candy paint job! We’ve added a little modern twist to it by flaring the spokes and sharpening the edges, creating movement even while it’s sitting still.

  • High Roller

    The High Roller Wheel features an industrial/mechanical look and feel with each spoke edge machined and dimpled almost resembling a riveted look.  Classic five-spoke styling never goes out of style and the changing contours of this design command attention!

  • Hoopla

    The Hoopla Wheel looks almost as if it’s poured and not CNC machined. This completely 3-D profiled design is minimalistic and fluid as you can get. You’ll get the Hoopla name when you see this baby roll!

  • I-Beam

    This “all business” badass rim screams muscle!  Designed to resemble a forged I-Beam and machined with modern styling cues like our exclusive tuxedo stripe spoke texture and I-Beam pockets that taper right into the rim lip.  This design feature gives the I-Beam a slightly larger appearance.

  • Bandit

    This incredible rim’s geometric-shaped design is reminiscent of the super-light yet strong racing wheels found on track-ready superbikes!  This completely 3-D machined wheel features spokes that actually knuckle out onto the contoured edge of the rim!  Talk about a light show!

  • Shredder

    This completely 3-D machined wheel features spokes that actually knuckle out onto the contoured edge of the rim! Talk about a light show! The Shredders 15 diamond-shaped spokes reflect light so that they appear to spin backward while moving forward!


What's In The Box?
Steam Roller Touring

  • BN Designer Wheel (Your Choice)
  • BN Wide Raked Triple Tree Kit
  • BN Rake Neck Apparatus
  • SRT Wide Thicky Front Fender
  • Front Fender Spacers
  • ABS Spacer
  • Wide SRT Yaxle (Black or Chrome)
  • Shinko SRT 777 Wide Performance Tire (Sold Separately)

Rake Your neck

The next step is to get to Raking Your Neck. Let us walk you through the entire process to make things super easy.


Next Steps

Alright, you’ve RAKED your bike. Now what?
Let’s get you moving toward your Ultimate SRT Style!

After the Rake Neck Apparatus is installed, it’s time for molding and painting. Let us walk you through the process before moving to the final steps.

The next few steps involve reassembly of your SRT using the parts that come with the kit: TRIPLE TREES | FORK LEGS | SRT WHEEL | FENDER

Then follow along with the instructions as per your factory manual.
Now that you have your custom SRT installed your ready to get rolling.


What Builders & Riders saying about SRT

  • “Here are some pics I took it for a ride today. The bike handle’s great, even at 115 mph, even with pre tire break-in. I love everything about it, completely satisfied. Well worth the wait.

    Please thank your Tech, he did a great job! Again, thanks for everything.”

    Daniel B Kelly

  • What I discovered immediately was that at slower speeds it rode like a dream. It felt light and maneuvered as well if not better than a stock Road Glide.  As I got it up to speed, the footing of the bike didn’t waver—it stuck as solidly to the asphalt at 5 mph as it did at 90 mph. This bike was the cure for the big wheel bagger

    Ken C.

    Originally Published In The April 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

  • We love the Bagger Nation SRT kits, because they aren’t just for looks, they are for performance!   You want your Bagger to handle and perform the best it possibly can, the Steam Roller Touring Kit is the best upgrade you can do to your bike.

    Jason Mook

    Deadwood Custom Cycles