Introducing the latest addition to the Lightning Bolt family, Bagger Nation’s NEW Thunder Bolt flush mount RED taillight with AMBER switchback signal function.




True flush-mounted C.O.B. Taillights with Switchback Technology!

RED Run/Brake with AMBER Signal


Bagger Nations New Thunder Bolt Tailights are “TRUE” flush-mounted taillights that feature laser bright RED run/brake light functions coupled with an all-new AMBER switchback signal function!  Thunder Bolts are smaller than a nickel (.750 in diameter) and can be flat surface mounted anywhere you can drill a .625 hole!  Thunder Bolts feature an industry-best eight C.O.B. (chip on board) microlights for the most intense laser brightness imaginable.  Thunder Bolts feature billet 6061-T6 CNC machined aluminum bodies that provide maximum heat dissipation and include a lifetime replacement warranty!  Our Thunder Bolts lens design contains an exclusive liquid polymer construction creating a waterproof unit that can’t leak!  You can install Thunder Bolt taillights in an unlimited array of custom designs, the only limitation being your imagination.  Simply create your pattern, drill a few holes, and wire them up.  It is that simple!  Bagger Nation Thunder Bolts require NO additional load equalizer because it is BUILT IN, saving you money!  Thunder Bolts are available in beautiful chrome, black anodized, or brushed brass finish.



• Choose from Black, Chrome, or Brass finish
• Switchback technology provides RED running & brake light w/amber signal
• High-Output C.O.B. (Chip-On-Board) technology for Maximum Visibility So bright
• Waterproof!
• Smaller than a US Nickel
• True flush-mounted
• Self-contained!
• Includes fasteners
• No additional load equalizer is required… It’s built-in!
• Drill a .625 hole, bolt them in, and wire them up!
• Easy Install
• Radical custom… made easy!
• EU Taillight Compliant
• Lifetime Warranty


Sold in pairs


NOTE:  Our exclusive RED-to-AMBER switchback light function makes this legal in countries like Europe and Canada, whose laws require an amber signal.
NOTE: Fire Bolts are now called Thunder Bolts


Thunder Bolt wiring.
BLUE – Running
GREEN – Turn
RED – Brake
BLACK – Ground

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Brass, Black, Chrome

Please select a variation


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