Dealers: We offer dealer accounts to licensed Motorcycle related businesses operating in a retail capacity serving the general public. (showroom, Tax license, yellow pages ad and a completed dealer application are required) A motorcycle related business conducts retail sales, parts and accessories and/or service. We reserve the right to refuse dealer status to any individual or company that we feel does not meet our requirements. Discounting the suggested retail price of our products (such as with internet stores) will result in the immediate revocation of dealer status.

Dealer Advertising Agreement: Any dealer, distributor or Retailer of any Paul Yaffe Original or Bagger Nation product (s) agrees that in no instance may the Paul Yaffe Original or Bagger Nation logo’s, Name, similar mark or any material subject to copyright protection, be used in or be associated with any advertising that mentions, suggests or in some form is linked to a price below the suggested retail price published by Paul Yaffe Originals or Bagger Nation. Failure to comply with this policy will result in Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation terminating the agreement between Paul Yaffe Originals and the party involved.

Pricing: We reserve the right to change prices, policies and terms at anytime without prior notice.

Backorders: Every effort is made to keep all items in stock at all times. Occasionally some product may be backordered. We will make every effort to deliver backordered products as quickly as possible and we will call before shipping any backordered products that have been on order more that 30 days.

Special Orders: Special orders are exactly that... Special. We will try to fill all special orders as fast as possible. However, special orders take as long as they take and cost as much as they cost. There are often factors pertaining to these items that are out of our control. All special orders will require at least a 50% deposit and Special orders may not be cancelled for any reason. There are no refunds on Special Orders. Things that fall under the Special Order policy are: One-of-a-kind items, another manufacturers item that we order specifically for you, Any roller, or turn-key custom motorcycle, any stocked item that we modify at your request.

Freight: Shipping is the responsibility of the purchasing party and all incurred shipping expenses will be added to the total purchase price at time of shipping unless other arrangements have been made at time of purchase.

Returned Checks and Refused Shipments: All returned checks and refused shipments will result in a $45.00 processing fee. No exceptions

Merchandise Returns: A returned goods authorization (RGA) is required for any item being returned to our warehouse. You must call and make arrangements for a returned item to obtain an RGA number. No freight or restocking fee will be charged on goods found to be defective or not as ordered. Returns for any other reason will be charged a 20% Re Stocking fee. All sales are final on Blem, Discontinued or Closeout items and Apparel. All returns are subject to inspection and verification before any credit is offered. Mark the letters RGA and the number given on the outside of the package and return it postage prepaid to the showroom address above. All returns without correct RGA information prominently displayed on the outside of the package will be refused. All retail returns will receive a repaired or replaced item at the discretion of Paul Yaffe Originals or a merchandise credit. No refunds will be issued.

Catalog Contents: We believe the contents and specifications of this catalog to be accurate and correct. We assume no liability foe any errors in listings, specifications, part numbers, prices or model applications. We reserve the right to change specifications, product descriptions, pricing and applications of any product at anytime without further notice and without further obligation. The reproduction of any material from this catalog is forbidden without our written approval.
Important: Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation are in no way, shape or form connected with The Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Any products with a trademark, name, word, O.E.M. number used in this catalog by Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation are strictly intended, solely as a reference as to that particular part. None of our parts are D.O.T approved. All of our parts are intended for custom applications. You and only you are ultimately responsible for determining the suitability of any product and your intended use of that product for your application. Therefore you assume any and all responsibility for any outcome resulting from use or installation of any of our products in any manner. Paul Yaffe Originals insists that you test fit any product prior to painting or cosmetic finishing. Modifying any Paul Yaffe or Bagger Nation product for your particular application voids all warranty. Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation will not be held responsible for any paint or labor expenses under any circumstances and will not accept for return any product that has been modified or damaged due to improper installation.

Limited Warranty

Improper Care or Misuse: Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation shall have no warranty obligation in the event that goods have been modified by any other person or organization, or where goods become defective in whole or in part as a result of improper installation, improper maintenance, improper use, abnormal operation or any other misuse or mistreatment of the goods.

Proof of Purchase: Paul Yaffe Originals shall have no warranty obligation in the event the customer is unable to present a receipt evidencing the date on which the customer purchased the goods.

Exhausts: Exhaust systems are warranted for manufacturing defects only. There is no warranty on exhaust pipes or mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Discoloration (bluing) is caused by tuning characteristics, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc...It is not caused by defective manufacturing.

Chrome plating: If after initial inspection a flaw is discovered in the chrome, DO NOT INSTALL IT!! Please call Paul Yaffe Originals for an RGA and we will replace the item at no charge. If chrome fails after installation during our one year warranty period we will re-plate the item at our expense and return the item to you. Please use caution when installing chrome plated components, the finish is fragile. Especially when mating two chrome components together. Always use anti-seize when
using chrome hardware on chrome plated products. Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation recommend using a quality wax or polish on chrome to protect their finish.

Consequential Damages: Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising from the breach of any warranties, the failure to deliver, delay in delivery, in non-conforming condition, or for any other breach of contract or duty between Paul Yaffe Originals or Bagger Nation and the customer. Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation cannot control any environment that our products may be subjected to and our warranty coverage only extends to our products in their original un-installed / as purchased form. Paul Yaffe Originals and Bagger Nation will not under any circumstances warranty paint or installation / removal labor on any
product unless said product was purchased from Paul Yaffe Originals or Bagger Nation in an installed or painted form.
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